Physiotherapy, exercise and a healthy lifestyle have long-been the go-to recommendations from health professionals for anybody seeking to banish their pain caused by joint inflammation. 

But there’s now a new kid on the block! That’s right - it turns out that simply pouring a drink and sitting back on the sofa may be all it takes to banish the pain which causes a poor lifestyle and suffering for millions on the planet.

Here are the anti-inflammatory elixirs which have scientific backing to reduce and fight off inflammation so you can be moving about like an excitable kitten again in no time:

Pineapple Juice

Bromelain is one of the most powerful and well-researched anti-inflammatories - and it also happens to be heavily present in pineapple juice. Studies have shown that Bromelain reduces knee pain as well as inflammation in people who suffer from osteoarthritis, a condition which causes joint and cartilage breakdown. 

The majority of the bromelain in a pineapple is located near the stem, so it’s best to run the stem through a blender if you’re looking for something sweet and delicious to act as an anti-inflammatory concoction!

Pineapple sliced around a glass of pineapple juice

Ginger Tea

It turns out chronic inflammation can also be cooled by steeping some ginger root in hot water. Although it’s been used for thousands of years as a remedy for upset stomachs, a study from the University of Miami compared the effects of ginger extract on knee pain in patients with osteoarthritis and concluded that the ginger extract reduced pain and stiffness 40% more than the placebo. 

Ginger can also be found in our Turmeric solution - we use Gingerols, the main beneficial compound in Ginger. Our formula is proven to help. Check it out here.

Green Tea

One of the healthiest beverages you can drink, full of antioxidants which fight disease and studies now suggest that green tea does indeed fight inflammation on top of all of this. A report which came out only this year in the Food Science and Human Wellness Journal suggests that ingredients present within green tea take on an anti-inflammatory role, specifically within the gut.

An estimated 620,000 patients of inflammatory bowel disease currently exist within the UK, with many more undiagnosed sufferers among the general population. Green tea may present an affordable and accessible remedy to the stomach inflammation suffered by those hundreds of thousands in the UK.

Green Tea, loose tea leaves on a spoon

Here are some of the UK's favourite green teas:

1. The Tea Makers of London Jasmine Green Tea

This loose-leaf jasmine tea is a great-tasting, highly aromatic blend and one perfectly suited to green tea newbies. 

2.  English Tea Shop Ceylon Green Tea

It’s made with Ceylon tea leaves from Sri Lanka and unlike other varieties. Ceylon green tea is strong and nutty, compared to its more subtle black and white counterparts. 

3. Clipper Decaf Green Tea Bags

Clipper's is known for their decaffeinated products because of its more natural decaffeination process. Clipper uses carbon dioxide and water to extract the caffeine from its green tea, which helps to prevent the loss of its pleasant, light flavour.  

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there are some great ways to help with inflammation and pain reduction that most likely will never get mentioned by a doctor or other health professional

It is important to note that these concoctions are a great way to supplement an already healthy lifestyle and regular exercise to allow you to kill that pain once and for all. Trusted with over 1000 5* Amazon reviews and a formula backed by PhD Scientists, our Turmeric is also a great supplement for that healthy lifestyle and regular exercise acting like a hot knife through butter to be able to break the pain.