Looking to make progress in the gym? Or maybe you could be looking to just eat healthier and cut down on unnecessary calories? Either way, protein is an essential part of a healthy balanced diet and is vital for muscle repair and growth. 

Here Are Four Foods Which You Probably Weren’t Aware Were Good Sources Of Protein:

1. Cottage Cheese

Most people overlook cottage cheese when trying to up their protein intake. Look no further than this if you’re looking for a satisfying mid-day snack! 

It usually tastes great paired with fruit but you could get a bit creative and maybe top it on your toast instead of the usual butter, jam or avocado. Delightful all round!

Protein: 11g per 100g 

2. Pumpkin Seeds

Nuts and seeds are a great choice for a snack if you’re looking to keep your hunger pangs at bay, but you definitely need to choose pumpkin seeds next time! 

These bad boys contain iron and magnesium and can be mixed into just about any food you can think of such as granolas, pestos, pies and soups.

pumpkin seeds and an almond

Protein: 19g per 100g

3. Greek Yogurt

That’s right - it is actually possible for plenty of protein to be packed into one relatively small container! It’s also a great source of probiotics and calcium.

The taste may be too plain on its own so feel free to use it as a replacement for sour cream in your savoury dishes or mix it into a spinach and yogurt dip!

yogurt with seasoned aubergines

Protein: 10g per 100g

4. Milk / Soya Milk

Good old cows milk comes out on top against almond milk in the protein battle! Aside from the protein, it also provides you with nine essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D and calcium.

If a glass of milk isn’t your thing, try chocolate milk which works well after a workout to reduce muscle soreness. If you’re vegan, then you’re covered as soy milk has around the same amount of protein!

chocolate milk

Protein: 8g per 250ml

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that a lot of people don’t realise just how much protein they consume in foods which aren’t perceived as being the go-to sources of protein. 

So if you’re worrying about not consuming enough protein because you’re trying to gain muscle or if you just want to up your intake, then chill out because protein is everywhere (even in the places you probably didn’t expect!)