Feel like dozing off at your desk? Having to dose up on caffeine just to be able to stay awake and focus? You've likely never been told of the real reasons why this happens to you all the time.

Here are the five hidden reasons you’re always tired (you’re doctor has likely never mentioned most of these):


Working hard towards your goals and ambitions is a good thing and something you can be proud of, but working more doesn’t necessarily mean you will achieve more. The research is clear, long hours back-fire both for individuals and for companies.

The brain is only capable of sustaining focus and attention for a few hours before its ability to do so sharply declines. Clear benefits have been shown to individual wellbeing and productivity levels for taking breaks during work hours.

It’s also worth remembering that prioritising the consistency of your work will allow you to gain better long-term results than simply focusing on the intensity of your work.

Not Making Time For Yourself

Not making time for yourself and falling into the trap of saying yes to everything and everyone can leave you feeling a bit dis-jointed and fatigued. 

It’s always fun to head out with your mates or meet up with an old school friend for a coffee and a catch up, but if it doesn’t feel right for you at the time then don’t feel guilty for saying no. Maintaining a healthy balance is key. Oftentimes those nights in with your cozy pyjamas on and your feet up are essential and help recharge the batteries!


Perfectionism in shadows

Mistakes are inevitable. Everyone has made them and will continue to make them, that’s the nature of being human! Sometimes when you have lofty goals or want to accomplish a certain thing you get dis-heartened at a slight set-back, but setbacks are all part of the journey.

Spending too many mental calories dwelling on your mistakes can drain your energy leaving you feeling unmotivated and low on confidence. So remember to accept your mistakes and remember that they’re actually a good thing because it shows you’re growing and learning, getting closer to your goals with each step. 

Obvious Reason For Being Tired: Lack Of Sleep

cat sleeping undercover

The average Brit gets 6 hours and 19 minutes of sleep a night, which falls below the recommended 7-9 hours needed per night to maintain good personal wellbeing. Common sleep inhibitors include caffeine, alcohol and light stimulation through phones.

Remember to get to bed each night at a good time and ask for help by reaching out to someone you know if you’re struggling with stress or a busy schedule, which are also very common sleep inhibitors.

High-Sugar Diet

High sugar consumption inhibits the production of Orexin, a chemical in your brain which stimulates the feeling of being awake. So the more sugar you eat, the sleepier you will feel. Remember to eat a balanced diet rich in all food groups whilst also giving yourself space to enjoy treats! 

If you want to see the professional medical 

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advice on how you can cut down on sugar in your diet, click here.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there are a lot of your lifestyle patterns and habits that you simply haven’t picked up on yet that could be the reason why you’re feeling tired all the time.

It’s important to take into account factors like how you’re spending your time, your diet, your sleep and your habits when trying to get to the bottom of why you’re feeling tired all the time. 

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